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MRE Menus 2016 · MRE Menus 2015 · MRE Menus 2014 · MRE Menus 2013 · MRE Menus 2012 · MRE Menus 2011 · MRE Menus 2010 · MRE Menus. MREInfo.com, Information about civilian MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat). Before 2000 (Y2K), only two companies – Sopakco and Wornick – produced civilian. Jun 29, 2016 Meals Ready to Eat are designed for guys who are 7000 miles from home, in the middle of Iraq, Afghanistan, or some other war torn area who. Bridgford Foods MRE Ready to Eat Sandwiches developed for the U.S. military First Strike Rations. Emergency preparedness, survival, camping.

Can I purchase MRE's from Wornick? MRE's are produced for the government and we cannot sell them to anyone other than the Department of Defense.

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